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9781926983318Announcing the release of our latest eBook, The Best of Alberta, which is available from Amazon around the world for C$4.99 and US$3.99.

The Best of Alberta is designed as a tool to help visitors to this Canadian province make the most of their vacation time by highlighting the very best parks and attractions.  It includes a detailed Table of Contents, making finding your way through the content easy.

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The Last of the Buffalo Return to the Wild won the Best Nature and Environment Book at the 2017 Salon International du Livre Montagne de Passy, held annually in Passy, France. Editor Harvey Locke was in attendance to receive the award and noted that it was the only English-language book to win a prize.

2017 Salon International du Livre Montagne de Passy Press Release

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Announcing the release of our latest book, Cave and Basin, which is now available from Cave and Basin bookretailers throughout the Canadian Rockies, as well as from major online book retailers for $14.95

This is the first book ever published dedicated entirely to the Cave and Basin in Banff National Park, which was instrumental to the growth of Banff and formed the nucleus of Canada’s national park system.

Authored by renowned historian E.J. (Ted) Hart, Cave and Basin offers background on what is now protected as a national historic site, exploring the story of its discovery and the lives of those involved in its development as a world-famous attraction.

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Thanks to Rob Alexander of the Rocky Mountain Outlook for his comprehensive review of Lake Louise Past to Present, in which he stated: “I learned more about Lake Louise and its region from this book than from any other single source”

Click here for a PDF of the review.

192698322XLaunched in September 2016 in conjunction with the American Bison Society meeting in Banff and the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation,  The Last of the Buffalo Return to the Wild is a commemoration of Banff National Park’s role in early successful efforts to preserve the last of the buffalo as a species and a celebration of today’s efforts to restore bison as an ecologically functioning and culturally important species on its native range both here and elsewhere in North America.

This beautifully presented book with a gold foil inlayed hardcover is filled with interesting essays by bison experts. Included in a clear pocket inside the backcover, is an exact reproduction of a 1909 booklet created by Norman Luxton that tells the story of the Pablo-Allard buffalo roundup through his own lively writing and magnificent panoramic images.

The book is available through our own website and select local retailers only. For more information, go to:


9781926983158Announcing the release of our latest book, Lake Louise Past to Present, which is now available from retailers throughout the Canadian Rockies, as well as from major online book retailers.

This 128-page book includes the most detailed and well-researched history of Lake Louise ever published. Of course, we tell the story of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, but the main focus is on the lake itself, the village, the establishment of the tourism industry, skiing and mountaineering, and modern times. It also includes a colour map, a photo gallery showing the evolution of the Chateau Lake Louise, and another gallery dedicated to a variety of paintings and photography stretching from the 1890s to present-day.

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Great to see positive reviews for Banff: A History of the Park and Town from both our local newspapers this week.

The Rocky Mountain Outlook review (4 June 2015) is here: New book shares a tale of two Banffs

1297711288663_ORIGINALAnd thanks to Pam Doyle of the Bow Valley Crag and Canyon for attending the book launch and writing History in One Volume, which was accompanied by a photo of the author and his newest book.




Banff history bookThe Whyte Museum will be hosting a launch of our newest book, Banff: A History of the Park and Town, on June 4, 2015, at 7 pm. The launch begins at 6:30 pm with coffee, tea, wine, and light snacks, to be followed at 7 pm by a reading by author Ted Hart.

At around 7:30, the author will be signing copies of the latest of his 18 books. All copies of this numbered edition will be signed by the author, with lower numbers offered at the signing.

After the book launch, signed and numbered editions will be available at the Whyte Museum bookstore as well as local Banff retailers such as The Viewpoint and Goro Canyon.

Banff: A History of the Park and Town is also available online through this website, with shipping included at no charge. Click here for details.

9781926983134We are proud to launch the Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography eBook by world-renowned wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch.

Please visit the Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography eBook page for more information, to download a free sample, and for purchase options.

Lake Louise hiking guideThe iconic Canadian Rockies Trail Guide has been in print for over 40 years, is in its 9th edition, and has sold over 260,000 copies, but  times are changing, so to keep up with technology authors Brian Patton and Bart Robinson have embarked on ambitious project to create a series of Canadian Rockies hiking eBooks. They will be a combination of reformatted existing text and new content created especially for these books, all presented with full colour images and a snazzy design.

The first of the series is the Lake Louise Hiking Guide, which focuses on one of the world’s finest hiking destinations. It’s available as a PDF through or in Kindle formats through online Amazon stores worldwide.