Alberta Books for Schools is a new resource for educators that highlights books appropriate for school-age readers that have been published in Alberta. The collection is available online and in printed catalogue Alberta Books for Schoolsform and is updated regularly. Titles are selected by a panel of experts, so we are happy to see our childrens’ books included in the program.

From the Alberta Books for Schools website:

With over 150 new titles published every year, Alberta’s independent book publishers contribute to a vast resource of school-appropriate titles that tell Alberta’s Story and uplift Alberta’s distinct, diverse voices.

Alberta Books for Schools is a new initiative from the Book Publishers Association of Alberta, which combines an annual catalogue of selected titles with the convenience of a continually updated digital database. These resources introduce Alberta educators to the books published right in their own backyards, perfect for classroom use!

Evaluated by curriculum mappers from The Alberta Library, all of the featured titles include  curriculum connections, subject headings, and grade levels. Also identified are audiobooks and eBooks with enhanced accessibility features, to allow educators to find the right formats for their students.

Each entry in the database includes the following information:

  • Curriculum connections relevant to Alberta, evaluated by The Alberta Library
  • Content descriptions and suggestions for classroom use
  • Genres, subject areas, and appropriate grade levels
  • Available formats and publisher pricing
  • Any awards, honours, or recognition received
  • Supplementary resources for educators, if available