Canadian Rockies Trail GuideIt’s been a fantastic summer for hiking in the Canadian Rockies, with one of the most beautiful falls on record extending the season into October. So it was a timely release for the new edition of our Canadian┬áRockies Trail Guide this past May. The book has been a perennial bestseller for us, and with all the changes to the new edition, sales have been strong throughout the summer. Even so, it’s great to see the new edition on a bestseller list. The list is compiled by Bookmanager, a point-of-sale provider for independent bookstores across Canada. The company uses national sales data to rank books published by in Alberta. Due to the nature of the list, it doesn’t include sales made to many vendors, including MEC, outdoor retailers, hotels and lodges, and gift stores, which make up the vast majority of this book’s sales. The links are here:

June 2022 (CRTG ranked 4th)
July 2022 (CRTG ranked 2nd)
August 2022 (CRTG ranked 6th)
September 2022 (CRTG ranked 5th)