Thanks to Paula Duhatschek for a deep dive into the history of the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide on CBC in an article titled “They strapped an odometer to a bike wheel and wrote one of Canada’s most iconic hiking guides.

Paula delved deep into the history of the book, which has now been in print for over 50 years and has sold over 280,000 copies, by interviewing many of those involved with the 1st edition, as well as the two original authors. Tee comments accompanying the print article reflect the type of correspondence we receive weekly from those have been using the book to guide them through the region for decades, although the two authors were amused to see one comment that had the writer wondering if he would be reading an obituary when he first saw the article! Not the case at all – we are pleased to report that Brian and Bart are alive and well, and still getting out to explore the Canadian Rockies at every opportunity.

The article is online here.