• 50 Walks Banff

    50 Walks and Hikes in Banff National Park: Preface

    By : Brian Patton and Bart Robinson

    1st edition

    ISBN: 9780978237530

    160 pages
    6.5 x 4.5 inches
    April 2008

    An Introduction to 50 Walks and Hikes in Banff National Park

    When we set out to write the first edition of the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide in 1970, the hiking trails of Banff National Park were the ones we knew best and were the inspiration for our book covering all of the Canadian Rockies. We’d hiked enough at that point in our young lives to know that this park contained more great short hikes and day trips than any similar area in North America.

    While our initial plan to publish a trail guide to Banff National Park was soon replaced by the more grandiose Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, we knew the section on Banff would be the most-used chapter. In addition to being Canada’s most-visited national park, it contains more than 1,500 kilometres (930 miles) of trail, much of which is devoted to walks and short hikes that can be completed in a day or less. More than 20 of these trips include lakes along the way or as a primary destination—a big plus for most hikers. Other trails lead to high viewpoints overlooking rugged, glaciated peaks or into the treeless alpine zone. And all of the trails display a variety of wildflowers and wildlife throughout the hiking season.

    So, many years after originally planning a guidebook dedicated to Banff, we have created 50 Walks and Short Hikes of Banff National Park. This book contains more elements of value to the walker and day-hiker than the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, including useful and interesting facts about each trail, colour topographical maps, and colour photographs. Most importantly, for us personally, this book is an opportunity to highlight the trails that have been a special part of our lives for almost four decades. There isn’t a single trail in this book that we haven’t hiked on numerous occasions and at all the months of the hiking season. We hope you receive as much pleasure from these trips as we have.

    -Brian Patton and Bart Robinson