Our Books

As of 2020, Summerthought has over 25 books in print, including award-winning titles by Wayne Lynch and books by locally celebrated artist Max Elliott. The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide continues to be our bestseller, and the 9th edition was revised and reprinted for a third time in 2017. New for 2019 was the Best Day Hikes in Banff National Park, a full-colour hiking guide to 39 Banff trails; A Castle in the Wilderness, which tells the story of the Banff Springs Hotel; and Tilikum, a reprint of Norman Luxton’s incredible journey across the Pacific Ocean, while A Guide to the History of Banff National Park and Trailblazers of the Canadians Rockies will be published in 2020, and we continue to roll out our hiking ebooks (www.canadianrockiestrailguide.com).


Hiking & Recreation