Alberta: Forgotten Places and Histories

By: Chris Doering

Price: $29.95
Publication date: March 2021
160 pages | Paperback | 9 x 10 inches

From remote farmhouses to urban factories, ALBERTA: FORGOTTEN PLACES AND HISTORIES tells the stories behind forgotten and abandoned structures throughout the province.

Authors Chris Doering and Connie Biggart focus on their home province of Alberta in this beautifully presented book, blazing down dusty backroads to discover ghost towns, crumbling ruins, farms reclaimed by nature, and shuttered businesses. Some sites are open to the public, but others are on private property and rarely visited.

In Alberta: Forgotten Places and Histories the authors have done extensive research to discover the past of over 50 forgotten places, combining historic and contemporary photos to allow readers a window into the past.


If you’re interested in abandoned or historic places in Alberta, chances are you’ve seen the work of CHRIS DOERING and CONNIE BIGGART. Making up Team “Off the Beaten Path with Chris & Connie” (aka, they’ve roamed the province for many years in search of forgotten places with a story to tell. Explorers, historians, chroniclers of all that’s old, their unique documentary style is seen across the Internet, in print and on video. If there’s something Albertan from the past that needs to be photographed and a good backstory dug up and written, they’re on the job.

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