Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies

By: Wayne Lynch
Publication date: May 2010
96 pages | Hard cover | 10 x 10 inches


Canada and U.S. only

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Summerthought is proud to present the amazing images of Dr. Wayne Lynch, one of the world’s pre-eminent wildlife photographers in Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies.

Few destinations in the world match the Canadian Rockies for its combination of dazzling mountain scenery and abundance of wildlife. Bighorn sheep, elk, moose, deer, and black bears are seen by many visitors, often from the comfort of their vehicles. Other species, such as owls, cougars, and grizzly bears, are also present, but are more secretive and rarely seen.

Printed in Canada by Friesens, Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies maintains the high standards of production the images of Wayne Lynch deserve while remaining an affordable product for locals and visitors alike.

Aside from holding the most comprehensive collection of Canadian Rockies wildlife images ever published, Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies offers:

VALUE FOR MONEY: Other Canadian Rockies pictorial wildlife books sell for up to $35.

UNALTERED IMAGES: Photos used in Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies have not been manipulated in any way. The colours may not be as saturated as other photo books, but we believe the wildlife is stunning exactly as it appears in real life.

INTERESTING CAPTIONS: Each image is accompanied by an informative caption. Rather than simply describing the photos, the text provides an insight into the wildlife of the Canadian Rockies.

COLOUR MAP: A photo-illustrated map at the front of the book puts the Canadian Rockies into perspective.

INDEX: Unlike most pictorial books, we included an Index, allowing readers to easily find their way to images of their favourite animals and birds.

PRINTED IN CANADA: All Summerthought books are proudly printed in Canada. It’s more expensive than having it done offshore, but we feel it’s the right thing to do.

Our Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography eBook, also by Wayne Lynch, is the perfect companion to this coffee table book.


DR. WAYNE LYNCH is Canada’s best known and most widely published wildlife photographer. His photo credits include hundreds of magazine covers, thousands of calendar shots, and tens of thousands of images published in 50 countries. He is also the author and photographer of a dozen highly acclaimed natural history books for adults and nearly 40 books published for children and young adults. His books have been described as “a magical combination of words and images. Dr. Lynch was elected as a Fellow of the Explorers Club and the Arctic Institute of North America in recognition of his contributions to the knowledge of polar and subpolar regions. He lives in Calgary with his wife of 40 years, Aubrey Lang.