Movies in the Mountains

By: Brian Patton
ISBN: 978-1-926983-59-3
Publication date: October 2022
Word count: 18,000
File type: PDF eBook/Kindle
File size: PDF version 0.9 mb


Canada and U.S. only

Also Available Worldwide as a Kindle eBook


Movies in the Mountains is an eBook detailing the history of the movie industry in the Canadian Rockies, including details of every movie filmed in the region.

On an afternoon in late June, 1919, a Model T Ford sat precariously on the edge of the Surprise Point opposite the Banff Springs Hotel. Suddenly, a man in a ten-gallon Stetson hat gave the Tin Lizzy a mighty shove. It tipped over, slid down steep rock slabs, and tumbled into the swollen Bow River. For a few moments the crumpled auto was motionless, securely wedged in the rocks on the lip of Bow Falls. Then, as the force of the river built behind it, it began to tumble slowly forward. In a matter of seconds it disappeared into the roaring cataract. Across the river, men stopped cranking cameras and a cheer went up. Hollywood had officially arrived in the Canadian Rockies.

For a century since, motion picture companies have travelled to the region to create stories for the silver screen. In that time, more than 100 feature films have used the Canadian Rockies as a location. In fact, prior to the mid-1970s, ninety percent of Hollywood films made in Canada were shot in the Canadian Rockies. This was Hollywood North.

Movies in the Mountains: is an inventory of these films, plus some of the more significant Canadian, British, and made-for-TV films shot in the Canadian Rockies. This eBook is a complete history that includes movie storylines and critical reviews, scene locations, and colourful behind-the-scenes stories describing how some of the biggest Hollywood directors and stars of the past century coped on location in the mountains.



For over 30 years, author BRIAN PATTON has been collecting stories, photos, and movie posters documenting the history of this  unique chapter of Canadian Rockies history. His library contains copies of nearly 60 films on VHS, DVD and Laser Disc that were filmed all or in part in the region. Known as an expert on the subject, Patton has been involved in a  variety of movie history projects in the region, and has spoken on the subject on numerous occasions.

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