A Photographic History of the Canadian Rockies

Publication date: May 2013; reprinted 2019
96 pages | Paperback | 9 x 9 inches

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Beautiful lakes, snowcapped peaks, endless glaciers and icefields, colourful alpine meadows, and an abundance of wildlife. While these are the elements the Canadian Rockies are best known for, the region also has a colourful and intriguing human history that has been recorded in various mediums.

In A Photographic History of the Canadian Rockies, we present a stunning collection of timeless images dating from the 1880s, when the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway bought the first permanent settlers to the region. The impact of the railway, the growth of towns, and the importance of tourism are each portrayed in separate chapters, with each image accompanied by informative and easy-to-read captions.


Banff resident ANDREW HEMPSTEAD has been writing about and photographing the Canadian Rockies since the early 1990s. He has authored and co-authored over 60 books and his images have been published in over 100 books and are used by corporate and editorial clients worldwide.