The Two Brothers: A Haida Story

By: Diane Brown
ISBN: 9781926983042
Publication date: August 2011
Haida, English, French
32 pages | Softcover | 8 x 8 inches


Canada and U.S. only

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The Two Brothers presents a wonderful opportunity for Canadian children of all ages to learn about Haida culture through colourful illustrations and text translated by a Haida author who has been instrumental in the protection of the Haida language.

For almost a century, the world-famous Raven Totem Pole stood in downtown Jasper. After being repatriated to its original home on HaidaGwaii in 2010, it was replaced by the Two Brothers Totem Pole in 2011.

Beautifully illustrated by Gwaai and Jaalen Edenshaw, the Haida artists who carved the new totem pole, this book tells the story of the Two Brothers—of a journey long ago from the west coast islands of HaidaGwaii to the Canadian Rockies, and of an unusual connection between two very different places.


GWAAI AND JAALEN EDENSHAW are Ts’aahl from HaidaGwaii. They are the founders of K’aalts’idaaK’ah Story Telling Society, a body dedicated to promoting Haida story and Haida language in everyday life through various media. Both Jaalen and Gwaai are carvers and designers who express their art through many forms.

Author Gwaaganad (DIANE BROWN) is Gwaai and Jaalen’snunaay. She is a keeper of traditional medicines and an important figure in the preservation of the Haida language. She has spent 28 years in community health, and 12 years as a teacher with the SkidegateHaida Immersion Program. Gwaaganad has devoted her life to her family and to Haida culture.