Where to Photograph Canadian Rockies Wildlife

By: Wayne Lynch
ISBN: 978-1-926983-51-6
Last revised: May 2022
Word count: 21,000
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Canada and U.S. only

Also Available Worldwide as a Kindle eBook


Renowned wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch’s Where to Photograph Canadian Rockies Wildlife contains everything you need to know about photographing mammals and birds (and even reptiles) in Banff, Jasper, and beyond.

The book covers the entire region species by species, with Lynch describing specific locations ranging from Jasper in the north to Waterton Lakes in the south. Each chapter is accompanied by stunning photos of each species.

It's not easy to summarize the big game wonders of the Canadian Rockies, but if you have an appetite for roadside bruins feeding on dandelions, full-curl bighorn rams grazing on a hillside, or salt-hungry moose wading for water plants, then the mountains are a destination for you. And let's not forget the heart-stopping scenery where verdant alpine meadows sweep beneath lofty limestone spires; where congested forests of spruce and fir challenge the imagination with a collage of sunlight and shadow; and where miles of lakeshore replay the haunting echo of courting loons. All, a stimulating tonic for any creative photographer.

Where to Photograph Canadian Rockies Wildlife includes:

  • Over 100 pages (up to 150 pages when viewed on a Kindle) of fact-filled information
  • photo tips from one of the world’s pre-eminent wildlife photographers
  • over 50 stunning wildlife images
  • directions to hundreds of specific locations

For an eBook that also includes Lynch's techniques consider this eBook: Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography.

From the author:

From my office window in Calgary, Alberta, I can see the jagged saw blade of the Rocky Mountains, 100 kilometres (60 miles) to the west.  In moments of idle daydreaming, I often recall vivid memories from those distant snow-capped summits. I glimpse again the muscled shoulders of a bighorn ram racing across a precipitous cliff in Banff National Park.  I remember a trio of silver-gray wolves as they loped over the frozen surface of a river in Jasper National Park, or the rubbery lips of a black bear in Kootenay National Park as it stripped berries from a roadside bush.  At other times, I recall the delightful camouflage of a clutch of ptarmigan chicks in an alpine meadow in Kananaskis Country, the comical contortions of a hoary marmot tormented by mosquitoes in Yoho National Park, or the buoyant flight of a great gray owl as it melted into a thicket of aspens in Waterton Lakes National Park.

My memories of the mountains always include wildlife.  It is muscle and blood, feathers and fur that gives the mountains their life-force, and it’s the wildlife which makes the mountains so compelling to explore and satisfying to photograph.

Where to Photograph Canadian Rockies Wildlife is a guide to capturing images of the magnificent and the mighty, the elegant and the elusive.  In your travels through the mountains, I hope you will discover, as I have, the beauty and magic of its wild creatures.

– Wayne Lynch


In 1979, at the age of 31, DR WAYNE LYNCH left a career in emergency medicine to work full-time as a science writer and photographer. Today, Lynch is Canada’s best known and most widely published professional wildlife photographer.  His photo credits include hundreds of magazine covers, thousands of calendar shots, and tens of thousands of images published in over 60 countries.  Lynch is a popular guest speaker, and audiences worldwide have acclaimed his practical and entertaining approach to natural history and photography.

Lynch is also the author and photographer of a dozen highly acclaimed natural history books, including:  Married to the Wind – A Study of the Prairie Grasslands, The Great Northern Kingdom – Life in the Boreal Forest, Wild Birds Across the Prairies, Penguins of the World, Mountain Bears, Bears-Monarchs of the Northern Wilderness, A is for Arctic – Natural Wonders of a Polar World, Windswept – A Passionate View of the Prairie Grasslands, Owls of the United States and Canada – A Complete Guide to their Biology and Behavior, Planet Arctic-Life at the Top of the World, and Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies. As  well, he has had over 40 books published for children and young adults including: Seals; Hawks; Owls; Falcons; Vultures; Prairies; Rocky Mountains; Arctic; Sonoran Desert; Everglades; Bears, Bears, Bears; Penguins!; Arctic Alphabet – Exploring The North From A To Z, nine books in a Critter Quiz Series, 15 books in a series called Nature Babies, and The Scoop on Poop – The Fascinating Science of How Animals Use Poop.  In 2011, he published Wayne Lynch’s Canadian Rockies Wildlife for Kids, which was awarded Children’s Book of the Year by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta.  His books have been described as “a magical combination of words and images.”

Dr. Lynch has studied wildlife in over 70 countries and is a Fellow of the internationally recognized Explorers Club, headquartered in New York City.  Fellows are those who have actively participated in exploration or have substantially enlarged the scope of human knowledge through scientific achievements and published reports, books and articles.  In 1997, Lynch was elected as a Fellow to the Arctic Institute of North America, in recognition of his contributions to the knowledge of polar and subpolar regions.  His biography has been included in the Canadian Who’s Who since 1996.  Biographees are chosen on merit alone.  Those listed are selected because of the positions they hold in Canadian society, or because of the contribution they have made to life in Canada.

For more information about the author, visit, waynelynch.com.