Banff: A History of the Park and Town book reviews

Banff history bookGreat to see positive reviews for Banff: A History of the Park and Town from both our local newspapers this week.

The Rocky Mountain Outlook review (4 June 2015) is here: New book shares a tale of two Banffs

The RMO review included the following: Banff: A History of the Park and Town, just like Hart’s other books, is chock-a-block full of history, but compared to The Place of Bows and The Battle for Banff, it is light and easy reading. It seems that Hart is at a place that he knows this story so well that he was able to sit back, relax and tell it cleanly and simply, without losing detail or ensuring the comprehensive story is told.

Crag and Canyon Review

And thanks to Pam Doyle of the Bow Valley Crag and Canyon for attending the book launch and writing History in One Volume (no longer available online), which was accompanied by a photo of the author and his newest book.