Cave and Basin book review

Cave and Basin bookThanks to Rob Alexander of the Rocky Mountain Outlook for a comprehensive review of the Cave and Basin by Ted Hart. Alexander’s review can be read here: Cave and Basin book offers context, clarity on history of hot springs. Alexander’s review included the following glowing commentary on author Ted Hart’s work:

Hart’s main strength as an historian has always been the quality of his research, and his highly detailed books – particularly The Place of Bows, The Battle of Banff and Banff: A History of the Park and the Town – have always been immensely helpful in trying to understand the history of the Bow Valley.

Cave and Basin falls into the same category. Hart has pulled together a remarkable amount of detail on a subject that has been shoved to the sidelines for many years. The fact that the Cave and Basin is an important place and that the hot springs were the catalyst for great things is well known and long understood. It’s just that many of the details have been well understood, but certainly not brought together under one title. It hasn’t helped that the Cave and Basin hasn’t always been given its due as one of Canada’s defining locations.


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