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The Last of the Buffalo review

Thanks to Danielle Chartier of Canada’s History magazine for reviewing The Last of the Buffalo Return to the Wild in their April-May 2018 issue. They write:

With the reintroduction of wild bison to Banff National Park in February 2017, this book offers a timely reflection on the efforts made by so many people to return this magnificent beast to its historic home.

The review is online here.

New book: The Last of the Buffalo

192698322XLaunched in September 2016 in conjunction with the American Bison Society meeting in Banff and the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation,  The Last of the Buffalo Return to the Wild is a commemoration of Banff National Park’s role in early successful efforts to preserve the last of the buffalo as a species and a celebration of today’s efforts to restore bison as an ecologically functioning and culturally important species on its native range both here and elsewhere in North America.

This beautifully presented book with a gold foil inlayed hardcover is filled with interesting essays by bison experts. Included in a clear pocket inside the backcover, is an exact reproduction of a 1909 booklet created by Norman Luxton that tells the story of the Pablo-Allard buffalo roundup through his own lively writing and magnificent panoramic images.

The book is available through our own website and select local retailers only. For more information, go to: